Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4/14/09 Windy Beach

Today Katrina went to daycare, and three grownups and two boys went to the beach. We picked a sunny, but very very windy day for it. Still, Natural Bridges State Beach is beautiful under any circumstances.

This was the best shot I could get of grandparents; Julian was afraid of the water and the wind, and kept trying to go back to the car.

But climbing up on some rocks made him feel better, he could see the ocean from a "safe" distance (though stories of people getting swept off rocks had me keeping close to them).

While climbing rocks, watching surfers and marvelling at soaring pelicans, it had either gotten warmer and the wind had calmed down, or we just got used to it, and Julian relaxed a lot. Gabriel was unfazed.

I missed Katrina, but outings like this would have changed completely for everyone if she'd been along (not to mention we'd have had to take two cars, a real pain). Time with just my boys always makes me glad.

The boys were pooped out later, and while they claimed they didn't like the beach, they sure seemed to like it while we were there. I absolutely love going to the coast, and berate myself every time I'm there that I don't go much more often. Thank you to Papa Paul for the suggestion to go to the ocean!


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