Thursday, April 16, 2009

4/16/09 Coyote Point

We took Katrina to daycare today so we could drive about 40 minutes to a semi-nearby science museum and small -- very small -- zoo, at a recreation area right along the bay. Perfect!

The boys had a great time with the science exhibits, themed on weather, though I'm not sure how much actual science they got out of it. A chain of marbles that simulates waves when shaken is, to them, just a chain of marbles that you shake. But Mom and I had a great time looking at the patterns made by magnets under ferrous liquid.

We walked through the habitat displays and talked about a few things, like how animals camouflage themselves and the life cycle of an insect (which only Mom remembered). If I had any notions that I could ever be suited to home-schooling, they were soundly squashed today.

Then we walked around the zoo and gardens, looking at the birds and animals. The displays were nicely done, with lots of views and descriptions. The boys really liked the golden eagle, and we happened to catch the otter feeding also.

Of course, the requisite photo of the whole group. Why is everyone compelled to take these photos? But I like the fluffy white bird in the background, some variety of heron, Mom thinks.

Great view of the bay from outside, including a clear shot of San Francisco.

We had a picnic lunch before leaving for home, though the boys were getting antsy and started to revert back to their usual behavior patterns. Boys will be boys, but brothers will be INCREDIBLY OBNOXIOUS!

I was hoping they'd get it out of their system outside, but no, they were horrid in the car ride home, dimming the glow from a nice outing. Anyway, this "environmental learning center" was a terrific place, we'll certainly go back.

Gabriel's having a grand time doing KenKen puzzles in the NY Times with Bonne Maman.

Most kids remember their grandmother's cooking, but Julian will remember cooking with his grandmother. He was quite the sous-chef tonight, peeling and chopping parsnips, peeling garlic, basting fish, and various other tasks Bonne Maman gave him.

He loved the parsnips puree that he helped make, and gobbled three helpings of salmon, earning himself some pear clafouti dessert, though he wouldn't have much to do with the cumin-garlic greens. We sure are eating well this trip!

Now let's hope that having Katrina home tomorrow will deflect the boys from each other....uh-huh, yeah, sure, that always works.


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MommaWriter said...

Snowy egret. I suspect egrets and herons are pretty closely related, however.