Friday, April 17, 2009

4/17/09 Amazing Sayings

I took Gabriel to Barnes & Noble today, where there's a better selection of Rainbow Magic fairy books than at Borders. Once again, Gabriel insisted on wiping out his meager means on books that he can probably get at the library. He had to dip into his coins to cover the cost of two books, then felt the little pouch he keeps his money in after paying. "Wow, Mom -- my wallet is a lot lighter now!" The cashier cracked up. "Story of my life, kid!"

Tonight, Julian was sous-chef again, and was tasked to dice red peppers. "Do you know what a cube is?" Bonne Maman asked him. "Yeah, it's a square..." a thoughtful pause, then "...well, like a square sphere." Interesting way of expressing the concept of volume! Though he likes green beans better without the "square spheres" of red pepper.


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