Friday, June 26, 2009

6/26/09 Wheel Day

Julian had a great first CDC day! Especially since it was a "Wheel Day," in which kids bring some form of wheels to play with all day. Gabriel LOVES these days; I knew Julian would too.

I wasn't expecting any transition or separation issues, and there weren't any. It's almost like he's been there all along.

But one nice thing I've already found is that Julian is a lot more talkative and tells me a lot more about what they did, or who he played with, or names of games, and general interactions. I like this, it's a little window into Gabriel's life too!

I picked them up early for swim lessons, then took them for haircuts. Spiffy.

Julian fell asleep coming back from picking up Katrina. In preschool, he had to take a nap in the afternoon, or at least rest. Not today, and it showed. He had a full, busy, exciting day. It's already hard to believe that two days ago, he was in preschool.

Julian told me tonight that he asked a lot of questions about how to play a Cops-n-Robbers game on bicycles. He was admitting that he didn't know the game, but I turned it around and told him how proud I was that he asks a lot of questions and that I think that's really really smart. I believe that. This is an intriguing strength of his: a willingness and confidence to raise his hand and ask or volunteer something in large groups, more compelled by the question than intimidated or put off by the group. Good for him.

And, as of today, our triple-pickup nightmare is over for 7 years! Then again, the boys having so much more time together might not be such a good thing....


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