Saturday, June 27, 2009

6/27/09 Hot hit day

We picked quite a day to go to the park with sports stuff. It was HOT! We're complete wimps here in the temperate Bay Area: cold, rain, heat...normal stuff in Denver, Seattle, and Tucson, but step us out of our narrow comfort band and it's time for the smelling salts. 100+ degrees is a lot for anywhere, but it's unusual here.

A baseball-savvy Dad showed Gabriel the ropes. After a number of swiffs, he made contact.

Julian and a foam bat, a tennis ball, Dad's so-so pitching and coaching -- not exactly a formula for sports success, but he sure tried hard and had fun.

Some of the kids' baseball experience clearly showed. This 2nd-grader is a softball veteran, and nearly took my head off when I gave her a decent enough pitch. Fortunately for my head, I'm a pretty crummy pitcher.

Osmosis works. This girl's older brother is the most serious baseball fan there is, and very skilled from his several seasons in baseball. His sister is a decent hitter and thrower too.

Flushed cheeks! Did I mention it was hot?

Sometimes I catch a glimpse of what my little boy will look like as a young man.

I like wearing shorts at night, it's usually too cold here.


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Queen Bee said...

I love that last shot of Gabriel. Very, very handsome!!