Sunday, June 28, 2009

6/28/09 Bed Jump

Kids aren't allowed to jump on beds here. Before you think I'm a total killjoy, a little innocent gymnastics is cute and harmless from a toddler, but with two rowdy boys around, it quickly escalates to complete mayhem and destruction. Mayhem and destruction is expected with boys around, but not in my room.

However, it's a little harder to control Katrina, and a lot harder to tell her to stop when she's being so cute. "Look Mommy! I'm spinning!"

The preparation...

the takeoff...

...the landing!

The boys are just short of being forbidden altogether from coming into our room in the morning. Emergencies do come up, but not being able to separate two Lego pieces at 6:30am no longer qualifies as an emergency. I'm done with having to jump up with babies first thing in the morning! Nowadays even Katrina gets up and plays for a long time before she needs our attention. We're listening for emergencies, but she happily bops around with her brothers for quite a while.

This morning, Julian apparently thought Katrina needed something, but didn't want to disturb us. So he wrote and slipped a note under our door.

From: Julian
To: Mom
K.D needs you

(Katrina still calls herself "Katrina D" since there was another Katrina at TLC and they used the last initial to distinguish them.)

Julian couldn't explain what she needed me for, or what need it was that spanned the 20 minutes it took him to find the paper, pencil and write the note, but he sure went out of his way to look after her!

Don't worry, we're not completely negligent with them, but the bed-jump I most want to vanquish is my jumping out of bed first thing in the morning just because the kids are up. And clearly, Katrina's in good hands.


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