Thursday, July 02, 2009

7/2/09 The Orthodontist

Today I took Gabriel to an orthodontist -- not just any orthodontist, but the same one I saw when Gabriel was baby. It's a really nice practice, overall conveniently located, nice efficient staff. I almost felt like I was coming home.

First the assistant took photos of Gabriel and his teeth, and set up a file for him. She apparently was expecting fear or resistance from him, as she kept assuring him and trying to talk to him to distract him, but he shrugged it all off. She said later that he was more cooperative than most 12-year-olds.

Gabriel just doesn't get anxious about stuff. Clearly he was very relaxed.

Then time for the doctor's exam, far more thorough than I was expecting. He rattled off numerous technical teeth items to his assistant who recorded everything, and explained things to me as he went along.

Bottom line: wait. Gabriel's lower jaw has moderate crowding, but there's no telling what Mom Nature is going to do as the new adult teeth push their way up. He said X-rays often look worse to dentists than the real-life teeth do to orthodontists. He's got baseline information, come back in 6 months to check progress, nice to see you again.

Our checkbook breathed a big sigh of relief. I'm getting a second opinion next week from another orthodontist, but it's hard not to like this opinion.

Dave had to work late tonight, but that didn't stop me from taking all 3 kids to Home Depot tonight to get something I've been wanting for months, a want that has tipped over into a DYING for: an outdoor gas grill!

Just in time for July 4 weekend!


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