Friday, July 03, 2009

7/3/09 Grill girl

It was not easy to get the grill in the back of my car at Home Depot. It took 3 big skeptical guys, who wouldn't listen to me about which way to put it in, to finally figure it out. I'd measured so I knew it "should" fit, but the backs of cars aren't a nice rectangle.

Then there was the problem of how to get it out, and worse, move it after that. That box is really freakin' heavy. So we backed the car right up to the deck and slid the box right onto it, to the puzzlement of our children. Dave got to have all the off-roading fun (even though it was my idea, hmmph). Incredibly, the back of the wagon and the deck were at the same height within half an inch.

I've never loved my car, but its rear space is impressive for a car its size.

Dave spent the better part of the morning assembling my grill (I'll share but it's mine) and attaching a propane tank we've had since moving here, and voila! Bobby Flay, here I come! I was delighted and grateful and happy that he took care of this for me, what a nice husband.

Ready to grill!! Welllll, except for the lack of fresh food in the house.

We didn't take the kids anywhere today, but they overall had a good down day. Especially Gabriel and Katrina when Julian was on a mega-timeout upstairs for rudeness, screaming, crying, whining, defying, pestering, hooting, and generally being so obnoxious that by the time we sent him upstairs, the list of his offenses was too long to tell him. (This was separate from a later episode in which he threw rocks toward me and Dave.) It came down to: "because we are all sick of you!"

Katrina was really cute today. Not the blond ponytails, which are always cute, but just the things she says and how sincere she is. She remembers more and more; even the tiniest comment someone says days ago rolls around in her head and comes back. She certainly had her share of tantrums, and a big doozy after not taking a nap today (she was running laps in her room instead), but between tantrums, the fun is funner and the cute is cuter.

(Still nowhere on #2 potty-training; indeed she's getting very crafty about hiding from us so she can go in her underpants. But at least she'll sit on toilets away from home now, which was the bigger hurdle.)

I can't wait to cook tomorrow!


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