Monday, August 10, 2009

8/10/09 The pony

I was amused today when a teacher at TLC handed me a photo of Katrina on a pony, taken last Friday. Apparently they'd brought a pony in for rides. Or at least, pictures.

Seeing her petulant position in the photo, and knowing her usual resistance to new things, I laughed and asked how big a fit she threw about being put on the pony. "Oh no!" the teacher answered, "She LOVED it! She was so excited, and couldn't wait to sit on the pony!" I was floored. Really, Katrina? She emphasized again that Katrina loved the pony. When I asked her about it, Katrina made horse sounds and said a few unintelligible, but very excited, things about the pony.

Katrina showed Gabriel the picture, and he laughed. "Did she throw a huge snit about this?" Gabriel asked, probing for a good Katrina story. He's her biggest fan after all. He too, was shocked when I told him that apparently she took right to the animal.

Little girls and love of horses. It doesn't go away. I know it well!


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