Sunday, August 09, 2009

8/9/09 Fountains

Today, I had to get out. So I took the bunch to the Y. Just weights, no Zumba, as I've wrenched my back again. (Fortunately, sort of, this particular back-wrenching is exactly opposite to the usual: I can stand straight, but can't bend forward. Impact and sitting are still bad.) I took all three to watch Zumba for a few minutes after my workout, and was delighted that Katrina smiled and marvelled at it.

But also today, the kids had to get out. So I took the bunch to the fountains, which just became operational again after a hiatus last summer. I thought we might try to get books at the library too, but it got too late and they were too rowdy.

The boys had a great time.

Katrina mostly hung out watching, refusing to get near the fountains.

At one point she ventured out, but this is the closest she'd get -- with her suit on, that is. Then she insisted I put her regular clothes back on. Whatever.

It was getting to be time to go -- Gabriel pooped out long before Julian did, who pretty much didn't stop moving. I helped Gabriel dry off and dress (he can do it himself but he's slow), then started to work on Julian.

Then what do I see? Katrina suddenly found her courage. She got closer...

....and closer --

-- still closer --

-- and then right up close and personal.

Gabriel was beside himself with laughter. I let Katrina have a few more dunks, then scooted them home for some watermelon and in theory, a nap, but I'd overshot. Instead she spent the time in her room taking her clothes off and trying on pajamas.

I like nice, simple, nearby, spontaneous water fun on a hot day!


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Louise said...

I don't recognize those fountains. Are they near the SV library/police station? Must be new. Looks like fun, though!

We're in town and going to try to make Tuesday dinner tomorrow...