Saturday, August 08, 2009

8/8/09 Blue Ribbon Day

This morning at swim lessons at the "old" place, we discovered that last week the teacher really was testing Julian, and he's moved up a level!

He was SO proud of his blue ribbon, he carried it with him everywhere today.

I wish I could say I could tell that he was in a different class based on the actual instruction. I did notice that he had a different teacher and was by himself, but a different teacher doesn't mean much, and attrition on summer weekend mornings must be high anyway. And once again, he was being floated on his back and pulled around, and I didn't see any actual swimming. But, he was having a great time, he liked his new teacher. I'm almost feeling bad about having cancelled their lessons; Gabriel's doing pretty well and maybe now Julian will be more challenged (though not based on what I saw today). And Saturday mornings at 8am is a surprisingly good time.

I was toying with putting the boys in a 10-week session in another swim school, since we have a little momentum going, but I think I'll stick to hard-won wisdom from the past: don't pile on multiple schedule changes. My self-imposed MWF work schedule is tentative as it is, and it's not clear how my Tuesdays and Thursdays will go as a full-time mom who has to pick up schoolchildren smackdab in the middle of toddler-nap. I'm sort of looking forward to the problem, it's more challenging than anything I face at work.


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