Friday, August 07, 2009

8/7/09 The Meeting

Since I really have little good to say about the day, I'll grumble about the worst thing.

A 20-minute meeting was scheduled for me today with a new Director at work, someone I already don't like from things I've heard, but who holds my life in his hands (at work, anyway). Given my unusual/oddball/shaky status as a part-time contractor, it's wise to keep my visibility up if I want to maintain this super-flexible position. So of course I'll attend this one-on-one meeting with the new director, taking care not to extend my hand out of habitual greeting custom, as his faith does not permit him to shake hands with women.

But the meeting is on the first day of school. I'm almost bitter about it, though ironically, to keep the flexibility I so relish, I'd better not reschedule.

Actually, it could be worse. I want to be there to pick Julian up from his class at noon on the first day, and thanks to my flexible job, I can do that. But to keep that flexible job, I have to leave around 2pm and go to the meeting. At least I'll have met my goal of greeting my brand-new kindergartner outside his class on his first day. When I get a "real" job, which is inevitable, I won't even be able to do that.

But darnit, why did he have to pick Thursday the 20th?


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