Tuesday, August 04, 2009

8/4/09 Chocolate Raisins

In desperation, I bought some chocolate-covered raisins as a reward/incentive for Katrina to use the toilet for #2. She's been in underpants for months now and still is nowhere with being completely potty-trained.

I'd planned to give her some of the treats and talk to her about going poop on the potty, but apparently my merely complaining aloud as I was buying them was enough for it to stick in her head. Dave caught her in the act once last weekend and got her to the toilet in time for the final fall to be in the water, so she asked for some chocolate raisins. Which had no effect on subsquent events.

Tonight, I caught her in the act, at the perfect time -- nanometers from clothing contact, but beyond the point of no return. I rushed her to the toilet, where she objected at first, but Mom Nature, and gravity, was on my side. Still, she had to work at it, which I've suspected all along has been the biggest barrier -- she just doesn't know how to go sitting down. In fact, I caught her because I noticed her on all fours, back slightly cat-curled, with a funny look on her face.

Naturally I made a huge deal of this accomplishment, thrilled that a BM didn't mean a change of clothes. My regret about using rewards was justified when pride in this accomplishment was overshadowed by the treat. But I'll take it this time.

Julian was unusually mellow after dinner, having found his Kung Fu Panda book. He looks like a 5-year-old old man, falling asleep on the couch like this!

Argh...I thought I might have pulled my back yesterday morning picking something up, then thought I got away with it. But all the sitting I've been doing means I'm wondering where my cane is. Great, because Dave is out of town until Thursday night.


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