Monday, August 03, 2009

8/3/09 The papa-school

Katrina is back at TLC today!

She couldn't stop talking about it, all excited, and was happy when we first went in. I put her things away and caught up with the teachers, briefing them on her semi-potty-trained state. I always get advice on the #2-training, until I explain to people that it's not a matter of lack of control or not getting it; it's that she actively avoids it. The story about Julian's underpants sinks it in, and is always good for laughs too. TLC charges more for not-potty-trained, so I wish she'd get with it already. (So far my attempt at offering a reward is a total failure.)

When it was time for me to go, she started to get teary. No clinging or wailing Mommy or anything, just a pouty face and moist eyes. I know what the teachers need when that starts: vamoose Mom. I made a quick skedaddle, and she had a great day.

On the way to the boys' swim lesson after school, she talked about a "papa-school." A what? "At Tonya's!" she explained. "A papa-school! I had purple, Julian red and Gabriel green." The boys burst out laughing. "We each had a popsicle at Tonya's!" they explained. I don't think we can ever say popsicle again!


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