Thursday, August 06, 2009

8/6/09 Pros and Cons

Pro: Katrina earned more chocolate raisins by going #2 in the toilet at preschool.

Con: Katrina pooped in her underpants seconds after putting them back on after going #1 at home.

Con: Katrina wouldn't eat any dinner because she got her raisins before dinner.

Con: Then she soiled her next pair of underpants, barely 15 minutes later. She thinks it's funny.

Pro: Boys had a great time at Roaring Camp railroad today.

Con: They're exhausted, and their usual obnoxiousness and rudeness has greatly intensified.

Pro: I'm already so mad at them that I'm putting them straight to bed after dinner.

Con: That's going to be a big fight.

Pro: I'm going out for three C's tonight: Coffee, Cheesecake, Chatter.

Con: I still have another hour of all three. Sometimes I just can't stand myself.


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