Friday, August 14, 2009

8/14/09 All day, and not even close

INTENSE work day at home -- far more than I ever do at work! I spent a ton of time shopping for things we need for camping, laundry, gathering miscellaneous things (first aid), and the whole afternoon preparing food. I'm quite certain I've gone overboard on the food, but on the plus side, I won't need to do a lot of prep at the campsite. However, I'm planning on doing a lot of grilling, but it'll be charcoal grilling on an open firepit (no wood fires allowed). Never done that before.

Our last/only camping trip, the boys thought it was all about junk food. There were commercial-sized boxes of bagged chips, and some of the other kids started their day with Doritos. There will be plenty of junk food on our trip too, but homemade junk food.

Unfortunately, I'm nowhere near ready to leave tomorrow. Clothes, camp items, kitchen items -- not even started packing. Even the food isn't completely done. I needed two full days to do this.

Well, after the boys' swim lesson tomorrow morning, I'll get right to work, and aim for a noon departure. We'd better get to the campsite in time to cook dinner, because I've planned a feast!

Today's errands included a visit to the library to get books for the trip, and for the campsite. Thanks to the very inappropriate movies I've let the boys watch with me (Midway, Saving Private Ryan), they have a lot of questions about bombs and tanks and guns. I scored in the kids' transportation section, and loaded up on books about fighter jets, aircraft carriers and submarines. And I got a few books for the boys too :-).

Despite the heaps of work remaining, I'm turning in (after I fold 3 loads of laundry that is). I can't wait for tomorrow. We're off the air until Tuesday!


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