Monday, September 14, 2009

9/14/09 The new homework

Our lives have shifted once we have two homeworks to deal with. Julian came home with his first Homework Folder today, with a week's worth of homework due Friday.

But this is no shock to any of us. Dave and I have been through this ad nauseum already, and Julian is very used to the concept from seeing Gabriel. In fact, he seemed anxious to do it, and sat down studiously as soon as we got home.

Gabriel sat down less studiously, as homework is no novelty to him. As overloaded as I am when I get home with all three, I've now added starting homework before dinner, rushing back and forth while cooking to check on them, answer questions, facilitate and, yeah, well, nag. It's not easy to juggle dinner, putting away lunches, Katrina and homework all before Dave gets home, but it works better. Our lovely formal dining room works well as a homework spot with its big table and lots of cabinets to store supplies.

Someone else had to join the study group too.

Not only was Julian very focused, he methodically knocked off the entire week's homework! He doesn't even know that he's not expected to read the instructions himself, but he did it almost entirely without help.

And this despite constant interruption and heckling from Gabriel, Mr. BMOC. This could easily develop into a problem: I doubt they'll be able to do homework together, and our perfect homework place will have to split into two (eventually three). Most things they do together quickly deteriorate into chaos, but Julian was unshakeable tonight.

Julian also wanted to do his 15 minutes of reading, and write it into his reading log himself today too. Then he exclaimed, "I wish I had more homework to do!" I'm sure this will wear off -- Julian isn't known around here for efficiency -- but what a great start.


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