Saturday, September 19, 2009

9/19/09 Chicken Dance

Today was a Fall Festival, at which every school in the district has its kindergarten do the Chicken Dance. Julian was prepared with his chicken hat and the basic moves, and we all went to see him perform with the rest of the Collins kindergartners.

There were more kids this year than when Gabriel did this. Julian got a spot next to his teacher, but that was the last I saw of him until after the "dance." Way too crowded, both with kids and parents.

Katrina had the best view in the house, vowing to do a "Winnie-the-Pooh" dance because she had a hat for that.

Afterward, we waited on one long line after another for the now-mundane inflatable play structures: slides, obstacle courses, jumphouses. In past years, I've made some effort to explore and enjoy the festival; this year I just wanted to use up our ride tickets and get home.

The kids were on a sleepover last night, so were predictably tired and grumpy today. Gabriel's old enough to handle it, Julian can go either way, and Katrina is definitely a time bomb. Still worth it, but we have to adjust our day accordingly.

I started the day with a tough workout swim. Usually, my swims are just freestyle laps without stopping, maybe a break or two if my goggles fog up. Today, I did 1200 yards of freestyle (bare minimum), then 50-yard intervals of other things: kickboard, butterfly, IMs, fast crawl. I can't believe how tired I am! So tired that my much-anticipated re-entry into the world of spinning won't happen tomorrow as I'd thought. But this is a good thing. I don't see swimming being the cornerstone of my exercise regimen, but stepping it up is a great boost. I should sleep well tonight.


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