Sunday, November 01, 2009

11/1/09 A morning's morning

Despite a too-early start, it was a particularly fun morning. In theory on Sundays I should start breakfast early, because I make a big breakfast, but in practice, somehow Sunday mornings are just perfect to fold laundry. This morning, I watched a bit of a cooking show as I did my usual super-fast-sloppy job of folding, and various combinations of kids joined me. It's a BIG TREAT to sit on Mom and Dad's bed and watch cooking shows with Mom! (big treat for Mom especially)

Then when it came time to make breakfast, I discovered the ultimate horror for breakfast-makers: only 4 eggs. This would not do! Dave was busy with a very very important task: de-tantruming Katrina on his computer, so I zoomed out to the store to get eggs and maybe some heartier French Toast bread, as I had a special request for such. Special Requester, my firstborn, was insistent on joining me, and we had a surprisingly fun time grocery shopping....?! Then Gabriel helped me make breakfast. He's just taller enough than Julian that he doesn't need a footstool for all tasks, a big convenience. I give him more and more responsibility in the kitchen, and he's actually starting to save me some work. And, he still thinks it's fun. For me, it's an absolute blast to be engaged in a project like this with him, he's so enthusiastic and joyful and brings so much energy to it.

I already posted this to Facebook, but once again, my usually casual and not super-sensitive son floored me with one of his direct, poignant, deadpan statements, devoid of sentiment but utterly sincere: "This is one pleasant morning, isn't it." There are few higher moments for a mom than that.


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