Thursday, November 05, 2009

11/5/09 Rehearsals

Last night after the kids were in bed, Dave asked me, "Does Julian have 'sharing' tomorrow?"

OH YEAH!!! OOPS! We're supposed to prepare and rehearse him for sharing, and have him bring something to show too.

Somehow, we pulled it off. This week it was about "family," so I printed out a picture of all five of us last night, then talked about family with Julian today as he was getting dressed. Since he'd seen Gabriel's "Star Of The Week" rehearsals, he knew what to say. In fact, I was pretty impressed at how quickly and easily he presented himself, especially given the very short notice -- we prepared all of this in the hectic minutes between getting up and leaving for school.

We practiced this morning after Dave left for work, with a complete audience.

After Julian's rehearsal, the boys got silly while Katrina had a fit about...who knows what. She had a lot of fits today.

After dropping boys off at school, I took Katrina to her favorite activity: "running in the mountains." We ran into a marathon runner and marathon mom I know from my other gym, who ran the Boston marathon 4 months pregnant with her 4th! She looked like quite the athlete, but I was very sorry to hear her tell me that back troubles have grounded her too, and she's no longer running marathons. "Too many babies!" she semi-joked.

Still, though my ankles let me know when we're approaching 5 miles, and my back informs me of its disapproval for days after a run, I'm grateful I can run as much as I can, and Katrina is too. We stopped for a potty break on today's 5.5-mile route, and Katrina enjoyed looking around at a dry pond and the wildlife.

(Though Katrina needs to learn to squat like a girl instead of pushing her hips forward like a boy when peeing in the woods -- which she insisted on because she wanted to do it "just like boys," -- I actually prefer woods to stinky scary port-a-potties. The woods are way WAY cleaner and way safer -- no horrible visions of her falling in.)

It's important to stretch at the end!

Just like my kids will grow up cooking with me and develop basic kitchen skills (I hope), they will also grow up thinking that exercise and stretching is just part of life (I hope).

After dinner (which Gabriel helped me make, delightful), time to rehearse Gabriel's book report presentation, due tomorrow. Yay! Then it's off our backs, though this book report was at most 1/10th the work of the previous one, and 100 times more enjoyable, and 1000 times more educational. I wasn't crazy about the clothespin doll thing, though it's intended to mark a spot in the book that they read from during the presentation.

I wasn't sure if it's OK to simply read the book report, which is 8 sentences (or more); it seems silly not to when it's that short anyway. The presentation is supposed to be under 2 minutes anyway.

Here's Gabriel presenting his report, which he wrote entirely himself with no help from me, except the first and last sentences, which he also wrote but I had him rewrite with guidance.

I have to say, this early emphasis on presenting in front of groups is really good, especially for kids not so inclined. I should practice too!


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