Wednesday, November 04, 2009

11/4/09 Networking

The things most on my mind today have to do with work....will I have a job offer from the company I'm contracting for? Will I accept it if I do get one?

Ironically, troubleshooting a home network problem (attaching a router we already had to the "plug-and-play" (uh-huh) Apple TimeCapsule, compounded with some wiring issues) has reminded me how much I like setting up and troubleshooting networks!

Then again, it's a lot more fun at home when I have two enthusiastic helpers. The boys, Gabriel especially, were riveted by the whole thing, even though much of network troubleshooting is really boring: repeating commands countless times, staring at screens in disbelief, searching for the right-length cable, throwing up your hands in disgust and surrender....all for those hard-won moments when the light bulb goes on and it works. As I'm working, I look for little jobs for them to do: plug something in, tell me when a light goes on, take a new Ethernet switch out of a box -- and to my amazement and delight, it doesn't take much to hold their interest. For three nights in a row now, Gabriel asks, "Mom, are we going to work on the router tonight?" He has absolutely no idea what I'm doing; he wants to "do electricity," but nothing I'm doing is at that level.

Still, I so appreciate both boys' enthusiasm, and I'm going to have to find more stuff like that to do with them. Wouldn't it be cool to put together a computer or something....

Well, aside from being reminded how much I liked my career (which had nothing to do with home networking), what's come of this is that the electrician will be back next week to straighten out yet more miswiring; I've figured out how to configure the routers (or get around the Apple's lack of configuration) -- and, ultimately, my final objective will be met: I'll be able to post caustic comments to Facebook from bed!


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