Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12/15/09 Pills

Two of them today. Pills, that is. Katrina: one fuss and resistance and fit after another. Gabriel: rude, belligerent, attitude when asked multiple times to do something. Plus he got in trouble at school today, saying to a "teammate" (someone at his table) that her mother was stupid, and then that he wished she were dead. Two days lost recess for that, plus a note of apology to both the teammate and the mother. Which he refused to do tonight, so, more trouble.

Meantime, it seems our most recent top pill has retired from troublemaking, and is all about being sweet and helpful. Julian even half-jokes in response to my asking him to do something, "yes, ma'am"! It's been really fun getting to know him again; with the fortress of pestiness falling down around him, there's really a terrific kid inside there.

Now if only the other two would to go rehab.


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