Friday, December 18, 2009

12/18/09 The Statue

Today I attended Katrina's preschool's holiday party. I love these things because the kids practice singing for weeks ahead of time, and it's so fun listening to Katrina sing at home, to herself and to us, all the time.

But not at school.

She moved her mouth for the first few words, but that was it. She looked shellshocked the whole time. I'm starting to wonder if she's actually a little shy, and doesn't like crowds, even though the indications of that are subtle. She's overall confident and social and relaxed in large groups -- not at all intimidated at the CDC surrounded by older kids for instance -- but I don't know...she doesn't thrive on attention among her peers.

It took her a while to warm up after the performance too, but a cupcake helped that along. I love the Santa beards her class made, and wore.

Waiting for her to wash her hands, I noticed that her hair is getting long in the back again. Pretty, but getting harder to handle.

I've done so, so much baking this holiday -- I love that, but I had an awful pang today when I saw other kids at the preschool handing the teachers gifts. Of all people who should get recognition and a note of thanks, it's our three teachers. It slipped off my plate this year, and shame on me. Not again.

Last day in the office today! I have work to wrap up this weekend, but then that's it for me as a contractor. I'm looking forward to some time "off" -- if being home with all three for 2 weeks is "off!"


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