Saturday, January 30, 2010

1/29/2010 No cupcakes...

This morning, Gabriel asked if I was bringing cupcakes to his class for his birthday. This is still a common, if surprising, practice, but it's one I decided to give up a while ago. I can't handle a family party, friends party and class party for all 3 kids -- that's 9 cakes! The class party is the obvious one to drop, especially since Julian can't really have one.

Still, today was my last day at home without kids before I start my job, I could have bought cupcakes and gotten them to his class in time. But it was my last day at home without kids before I start my job! I had things to do! And why was he telling me about it that morning?! On paper I had no reason to feel guilty about it, but in practice, I hate disappointing Gabriel.

I'm glad I skipped the cupcakes though, because I spent that time zipping down to South San Jose to pick up my newly cleaned computer -- no more viruses, spyware or malware taking it over. It runs so much better, it's amazing. It had been bogged down by processes sneaking in and running in the background for a while, but suddenly that got out of control and it would not boot at all. I'm thrilled, this guy fixed it fast and cheaply ($100). I still want to buy another computer, but the urgency has been greatly reduced.

Tomorrow is Gabriel's birthday and his birthday party. I'm buying his cake this year -- just one! Family and friends party on the same day, no class party -- now we're talking!

I finally uploaded my NY photos and videos. No one photo in particular stands out, but this is a nice rare group shot

(That's my sister on the left, my brother on the right, and my sister's kids, taken at my Dad's house in upstate NY just before leaving to go back to the city.)

Back to real life tomorrow.


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