Saturday, January 30, 2010

1/30/10 Birthday surprise

Gabriel's birthday party -- and birthday -- was today! We had a fun time at a gymnastics place, a nice low-key party with 6 friends and one brother. More on that later.

The real surprise of the day was a last-minute offer of two Sharks tickets, and after a brief wrangling to see if we could pull it off, I decided to take Gabriel. I wasn't feeling particularly energetic, as the persistent cough that comes with the tail end of bronchitis is exhausting, but, how could I pass up hockey with my birthday boy?

We had a great time. I was mostly able to remember what goes on in hockey games and describe it to Gabriel semi-competently. A huge tub of popcorn smoothed out any lapses in attention he might have had, and he lasted easily until the game end.

Our home team won, and scored 5 times -- a great way to spend your first hockey game!

This team-sport stuff is foreign, but fun!


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MommaWriter said...

Too bad you didn't run into my boys while you were there. They were at the same game and had a blast!