Monday, March 29, 2010

3/29/2010 Day Camps

Whew....just went through the most grodious process of signing up for daycamps. At the Y, this is not trivial -- the stupid form makes you write the parents' names, addresses, all phone numbers and even birthday TWICE.

I wasn't very creative this year and didn't even really consult the boys beyond "so, do you want to do ice skating?" There are many other options, but frankly it's way way easier for us for them to do camps in the same week. I also signed them both up for a swim camp, without consulting them. One week won't turn them into swimmers, but it goes a drop toward preventing them from being drowners.

It's astoundingly expensive too. One week of a relatively inexpensive daycamp costs between $500 and $600 total for both boys. We pay that much for an entire month during the school year for each one. Suddenly Katrina's "camp" at TLC will seem cheap! I'd love to do a daycamp for her -- she's old enough for the Y's "pee wee" camps that Julian loved so much -- but they're only half-day, and I just can't afford the time off of work.

I used to think "dang, a ski trip would cost as much as a summer of daycamps." Now I think, "dang, a summer of daycamps costs as much as a ski trip!" So funny that I'm dreaming of snow instead of sand for next winter. My mother remembers having to drag me out of the water blue and shivering; but easily bailing out of ski lessons for being too cold. I've been a water person through and through since day one, and that's not going away...but I sure am enjoying the thoughts of adding snow to that repertoire.

Actually, though I grew up with snow and know it well, California snow, altitude, snowpack depths unheard of in the east, warm days are all very new. I love living so close to the ocean, but these days all I can think about is getting back into the mountains. If we can afford it after the staggering bill for summer daycamps that is!


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