Friday, April 02, 2010

4/2/2010 Work/life mix

As we enter my 3rd month of full-time work, the adjustment continues. Though it seems 10 times harder to do anything outside the bare minimum, in some ways I feel more determined to do those things. Our lives can't become just about work, even if having lives outside of work takes even more planning and compromising and energy.

So when our longtime friends Sean and Louise were in town and suggested we get together, I knew I wanted to have them over in our new house and make a nice dinner. That's why we did the remodel, or a huge reason for it -- it was so difficult to make dinner and have guests before. It's crazy to think we wouldn't do it now because of not knowing how to make all the logistics work. And it wasn't clear right away how it would work, but with a little planning, a little compromising, a lot of flexibility, a conveniently timed day off of work (for Dave), and really relaxed friends, it turned out to be pretty doable.

Big bonus: other grownups in the house really disrupts the kids' routine too -- amazingly, they were all really good. Unusually calm and agreeable, in fact. It was remarkable. It helped that Louise made a point of entertaining them while I was making dinner, permanently earning herself a place in their hearts.

So, we had a nice grownup dinner and grownup talk and a nice grownup visit, and it was completely worthwhile. Even more worthwhile, perhaps, because having grownups over is more of an event now than it used to be. Good. I like an eventful life.


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Louise said...

And we had a really great time, too! The food was delish, the kids were fun, the remodel looks great and most of all, we enjoyed just sitting and talking with you both for hours.

I can't wait to see the landscaping completed and how you solve the echo-y family room issue.

Thanks again for hosting us.