Sunday, March 28, 2010

3/27/2010 Easter Party

It's my life migrates more and more away from the baby-toddler-young-kid world, especially with full-time work, I'm reminded that that world still exists strongly, and indeed IS the world of many other families, just as it was for ours. I made some wonderful, lifetime friends that way, and probably will continue to, but park playgroups are just not part of my daily life anymore. I'm not sure how that happened.

So when I realized I almost missed a weekend Easter party, I signed me and Katrina up right away. What used to be a regular thing for me (and Katrina) has now become a rare, and special, treat!

At the last minute, I decided to take Julian too, with reservations. There would be other siblings his age there, separating the boys is always a good thing, and Dave wanted to go on a motorcycle ride. Bringing Julian meant that if I was running late, he could leave Gabriel alone for a while before I got home. Leaving the boys alone together -- unthinkable. But just Gabriel? Probably illegal, but, no problem.

At first, Katrina and Julian only played together, wrestling around while all the other kids worked at a craft table, decorating Easter baskets (what a great idea!). Eventually I got Julian to participate, but Katrina would have nothing of it. While the whole rest of the party glued and drew and decorated, she played by herself on a couch. I haven't been with her in groups of kids for a while; I'd forgotten she's like this. No surprise really; she's never been a joiner.

She was also the only kid to refuse to play "Pin The Tail On The Easter Bunny" too. Julian was into it though.

She participated in the egg hunt at least, and even stuck to the 12-egg limit, asking me several times how many eggs she had in her basket, and listening when I told her, "only 2 more!"

No photos though. At least Sonia got some of her and me together later.

As always, it was so nice chatting with mom friends and seeing all these wonderful kids together. This was a lifeline for me with the first one, and now something I enjoy and miss with the third.

Dave was away riding all afternoon (good for him! I was so glad for him, he doesn't do it enough!), so I had to grocery-shop with all three. This is a pain, mostly because Gabriel is increasingly resistant and obnoxious about it. I finally made him stand by the door while we finished shopping, as his boredom had turned to pestering Katrina and she was screeching. His attitude improved a lot when it came time to hand around balloons.

I took the boys' balloons away at home until they'd taken care of their laundry though. I don't fold or put away any of their laundry anymore -- they do. But there's little work savings there; it's much more effort to get them to do it. Despite the effort, they're both pretty good at putting their clothes away though! Katrina can easily "fold" her laundry too, but getting her to tackle a whole basket every week is more work than I can handle right now.

I didn't write yesterday, but we had another fun T-ball practice and game on Saturday afternoon. Well, Julian did anyway; Katrina and Gabriel played nearby with varying degrees of tolerance. A friend says her daughter made friends with other younger sisters right away and had a great time playing together, but, not Katrina. She's always on the periphery, looking inside from out, not shy, but not social either. There was another little girl her age sitting right near us, but she had no interest. I did see Katrina attempting to engage another boy who'd wandered away from the field, but that was about it. Dave took her to a playground for part of it, and I played catch with her, and also Gabriel, a little, mostly so I could watch Julian's game between throws.

Despite the sibling distractions, I am so surprised at how much I love being a sports-mom. I thought I'd barely tolerate it, but really, I look forward to the game (and moreso, the practice) hours before, and love watching the kids interact and learn. Maybe I won't like it as much when it's more for real -- like when they keep score and people start taking it seriously, but for now, being a sports-mom is a blast.


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