Friday, March 26, 2010

3/26/2010 Racetrack

Katrina is very upset about the "racetrack" in our backyard being gone -- that is, the short walkway that she used to ride her bike on, stop, get off the bike, turn it around, then ride back about 10 seconds, and repeat. For an hour at a time, sometimes.

It's more than the "racetrack" that's gone -- it's the whole yard.

I can't let them back there at all right now. Especially not with the terrifying Ditch Witch standing guard.

So they were all pretty psyched when we got home today and found part of a new walkway in the front yard.

This quickly became a "racetrack" too.

No one is more psyched about the new front walkway than I am though. I'm no artiste or design-person, but curves do draw the eye. I can't wait for our little mini-park, and all its racetracks, to be done.


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