Wednesday, March 24, 2010

3/24/2010 "WFH"

That's the term: "Working From Home."

I got called out of work today for a tummy-ache of Julian's, so I brought my laptop home and continued working here once he was settled in. Turns out, it was so quiet that I got a ton done, and worked harder than I would for a whole week put together! I think that's a good thing....not sure though.

Gabriel's teachers sent a long email today informing us of his numerous transgressions, again. He's been difficult at home lately too, as only Gabriel can be. His teachers surmise he's looking for attention. While that's never been his overt style, I can't help but to wonder if what he needs the most is hours at home after school to focus on his electronics projects, humming happily away to himself.

I was SO disappointed about having to miss Julian's T-ball game today!


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