Tuesday, March 23, 2010

3/23/2010 Hockey again

Hockey lesson night. 5th class out of 8.

Are we going to continue this? Gabriel seems to really like it, despite being sorely underequipped and outnumbered. He really wants to play games, but doesn't accept that maybe he needs to learn a little more about hockey basics first. Like, you know, skating.

Today the lesson included a puck.

And three coaches, finally. This permitted some necessary individual instruction.

It helps to have your own cheering section!

As he approaches the boards closest to where the camera is, you can hear a little voice from behind, "Hi Gabriel!" He was really struggling with this exercise.

Tomorrow is Julian's first weekday T-ball practice and game. I thought I'd dread this sports-mom-taxiing, but really, it's the highlight of my day.


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