Monday, March 22, 2010

3/22/2010 Kindergarten independence

Julian's homework folder, Friday folder, and now his signed report card, keep coming back home again in his knapsack. He's supposed to turn them in, but I guess the teachers don't insist or ask, because some weeks his homework never makes it in at all.

Via Friday Folder comments, and then email, we asked what's going on, and the answer is that the kids are supposed to put these folders in a basket on the right day, themselves. The idea is to encourage independence and responsibility. But are we the only ones whose 6-year-old forgets to be responsible? Apparently we are! All the others kids' homework gets turned in, and Friday Folders returned on Monday.

How can that be? I have to confirm this, but Julian is in a tiny minority of kindergartners who gets dropped off on a city block right near the school and walks to class himself. Most of the others are seen to the door by parents or grandparents. Is it possible that he's the only one who's not getting reminded at the classroom door, because he's the only one who goes to his class alone? So much for teaching independence!

I'm not sure...there are a few CDC kids who don't get that parental reminder (or parents putting the folders into the baskets themselves), and there must be other kindergartners who go to class themselves. The only thing we're sure of is that our otherwise studious son is the only one who so consistently doesn't turn his work in.

But we sure learned a lot about sharks and whales from him yesterday!


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