Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4/21/2010 Table and chairs

It took over 3 months, but FINALLY -- our new dining table and chairs were delivered today!!

We had to get a round table to fit this strange space, but couldn't get one at Pottery Barn or other common sources, because most round tables are 48" diameter. That's tight for a family of five on a regular basis, especially when that family includes two young boys who need to be kept as far apart as possible. Other places had 54" round tables, but without a leaf to extend it. So we had to order one, which was expensive and took a long time. But I love them. The chairs especially are super comfortable, and upholstered, finally. Upholstered chairs! So civilized!

The one chair with arms in the corner is mine.

It's staying light later these days, which hasn't been a bedtime problem yet, but is presenting a big time-to-come-in-for-dinnertime problem. Never mind that letting them play outside to begin with is a big problem too, with the landscaping going on.

Tonight I let Katrina play out front, since Gabriel was out there too kicking a soccer ball around (even though he had a 100-degree temperature and can't go to school tomorrow). She did not approve of having to come back inside.

Landscaping is reaching a stage in which it feels like progress is very slow and it will go on forever, and I see many many weeks of work ahead. But things like this seat wall -- which isn't completely done -- give me hope.

I absolutely love how this path meanders around in front of the bay window (leaving a planting area to gain some privacy in front of the window), and the wall follows it. I love the color of the wall, but it doesn't match the pathway as our designer had recommended. Though I like the color, I now think the designer was right that it should have matched the pathway. Whatever. I'm such an expert at getting over stuff from our big remodel, this is nothing.

A round table, curved paths...I'm glad to go off the straight and narrow!


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