Thursday, April 22, 2010

4/22/2010 Bring Your Kids To Work Day

Last-minute decision: ditch work, go pull my son out of daycare and bring him to "Take Your Kids to Work Day!" This was the child, after all, who when completely unprepared for his sharing presentation on "Profession," announced he wanted to be a network engineer without having any idea what that was. Primarily because we'd forgotten about his Sharing Day and he wasn't prepared at all. But that's how he winged it.

Two guys I work with and like a lot had set up some "educational" activities for the kids, so I was glad to make my own contribution of an audience member. Gabriel was home sick, but I couldn't have brought him anyway because he wouldn't have been out of school in time. Many parents had timing issues with naps for the youngest ones, and school for the older ones, so Julian was among the oldest.

He had a great time though. First they passed messages around.

Then they went looking for balloons around the building that were of a particular color. I think this was to demonstrate the concept of network packet finding its destination, but without a routing table the concept was lost. Mostly the kids had fun looking for balloons. It was very interesting seeing which adults are total naturals with kids.

They also got a "van tour," which they loved. One of our field techs showed them how to make a cable and put together a jack box, and then let them keep them. Julian was very very proud of his little box and cable (the cable plugs into the box).

Incredibly, Julian sat quietly next to me and drew during a meeting in which I was supposed to present something. It was very informal, fortunately, and mostly talking rather than "presenting," thank goodness because presenting is not in my top 10 of professional skills. But Julian helped me keep my screen alive, and pushed the down-arrow on my laptop to bring up the next PowerPoint slide. He was really darling. (Unfortunately the evening did not end well when I made a very powerful threat against his catapulting couscous into the air again, and was forced to carry out that powerful threat, powerfully, when once again the end of the spoon got whacked and the food went flying.)

Julian commented many times how small my office is. I think a tour of cubicles and offices and conference rooms and meeting is a fine way to create an artist!


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