Tuesday, May 04, 2010

5/4/2010 Sandwich Set

Julian and Katrina raided the garage for put-away toys, and found this adorable "sandwich set," a gift from Laura and Ryan some years ago. I don't know why preparing food is such a fun game, but Julian loved it when he was a toddler, and now Katrina loves it too.

This kept her busy while we waited for Dave to bring home our take-out dinner. This is rare for us, but I had an extra incentive. Today was a Community Day, sponsored by the "Their Future Is Now" grass-roots campaign to raise money to save 115 teachers' jobs in our school district next year. I'm not optimistic this will succeed, but I'm impressed at the enthusiasm and tenacity shown by the parents behind it. So it's really the least we can do to do take-out on Community Day, and Baja Fresh will contribute 20% of what we spent there to the campaign.

So while I got a pass on preparing food tonight, Katrina was playing food!


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MamaB said...

I think Gina got the same set when she was three and somehow we still have all the pieces floating around the house.