Friday, May 07, 2010

5/7/2010 Mom's Day Tea

Today I had a very important appointment -- and I'm not talking about my 8:30 conference call and WebEx with engineers in Boston and Denver, nor the 10:00 project management meeting I was supposed to run. I'm talking about the 11:30 Mother's Day Tea that Julian's class put on. I finished out the Webex, cancelled the 10:00, and ditched two Ops technicians who'd escalated a problem. My 11:30 appointment could not be missed.

It was very sweet; they had all done a poster and a card, and had snacks and tea and lemonade. Julian's card said that he loves me because I make him laugh, which I just loved. (It's true, I love making him laugh with silly notes in his lunch, like "yesterday I forgot your note -- that makes me a goat!" He loves those. Seems I have a talent for 6-year-old-level humor.)

Julian persuaded me to take him home with me after his Tea; I was planning to go home anyway after the Tea because I felt horrible today (still do). Time alone with one of them is quite precious, so I agreed. I hung on while running a few errands with him, then we went home where I pretty much lay down the rest of the afternoon. But even if I was completely bedridden all day, I'd still have made it to the Tea.

Dave's in L.A. this weekend, welcoming Laura HOME!


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