Saturday, May 08, 2010

5/8/2010 Landscape progress

T-ball and ice-skating morning, single parent. Whee! Drop-off at ice-skating, drop-off at T-ball, pickup at ice-skating, pickup at T-ball, then back to the same mall where the skating rink is to buy shoes.

T-ball never fails to delight however.

Team photos arrived! HOW CUTE. Love it.

Plants are going in!! Still lots of carpentry and work to do, but...plants are going in!

Now you just want to sit and gaze outside.

I love this beautiful Japanese Maple, but I'm not sure about its location right in front of this window. It's in the design, it's a perfect tree for that area, it gives the screening we need for that huge window. But now that it's there, I keep wanting to move it to the left a few feet. Especially from the inside of the house, it needs to block the angled view from the driveway, not the straight-on view. From the outside, the tree distracts from the very central aesthetic element of the window.

I'll talk to the designer about it.

Overall, I'm stunned. Our property looks completely different with plants and trees and landscaping. I mean it -- never has a transformation been so dramatic. Paradise has descended upon our little corner of suburbia.


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