Monday, July 12, 2010

7/12/2010 Movin' on up

Back to reality today! I went to work in the morning, though left for a physical therapist appointment. Though I still need the cane for stability if I'm walking any distance, I can mostly make it through day-to-day operations.

On Mondays, that includes swim classes for all 3 kids at 6:30. I left so much time that the kids were ready 10 minutes before class.

During the swim class, I lamented the instruction quality again. Katrina's "novice" class is perfect for her, but only because she's so darned lame. Gabriel's class is pretty good now that he's at a level that actually swims. His lessons showed when I insisted he swim to the dock in the pond in Pennsylvania -- no option to put feet down.

Julian's class, on the other hand -- smack dab in nowhereland, where kids do popups, switch from back to front, and a lot of back-floating, but don't actually swim. How do you get beyond that?

Somehow today, Julian did. He was awarded his "red ribbon," and he was very very proud and happy about it. He actually works pretty hard in his class; he pays attention and tries hard, which contributes to my frustration at how slow the class is.

But this ribbon represents a pretty large leap. At the red level, they actually swim. His lesson will be in the deeper pool, and he'll learn to use his arms, dive and tread water.

And I was just about to cancel their lessons for the summer too. Hmm.

And, TLC rotated classes -- Katrina will be in Miss Amanda's pre-K class this year, yay!! Miss Amanda was Julian's pre-K teacher too. She loves to teach, she's no-nonsense and really lets the kids meet their potential. Julian thrived under her. The downside is that Miss Amanda is expecting baby #2 in a few months (she's expressed concern about having 2 boys just under 2 years apart in age...I wasn't able to offer any comforting words).

Mostly, I want to move up -- straight up. Doctor tomorrow, PT Friday. Big question is: when can I run again?


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MommaWriter said...

I totally recommend our new swim place for learning to actually swim. I'm cursing Sutton for some of the things they've engrained in my kids heads. The strong emphasis on pop-ups is totally backfiring on them now that they're learning to turn their heads (or trying to learn), but they're swimming the entire length of a backyard pool now (including the deep end)...freestyle...sorta.