Saturday, July 17, 2010

7/17/2010 Swim Day

Sorry to get redundant here on the swimming, but...

Today Julian had his first lesson at the "red ribbon" level, when this somewhat lame swim school finally starts teaching them actual swimming (ooh, arms!). His class is in the deeper pool, and he'll learn to dive, tread water and, maybe even possibly, actually swim.

And today he did all that! He was a little nervous beforehand, but the moment the class started, he couldn't quit smiling and giggling. I love watching him; he pays attention and seems to really try to do what the teacher says, he responds so well to instruction (unlike thick-headed older brother) and has a great time.

They start by diving for sink rings. This might seem silly, but I knew an adult once who truly had no idea how to get his body down to the bottom of the pool. I can't say exactly why this is important -- after all the whole point of swimming is so that you don't go to the bottom of the pool -- but it adds to general water body awareness. And kids love it, it's fun.

Julian had his first dives from the side of the pool today too. He did great, I was so happy for him and proud of him.

Meantime, Katrina's class was swarmed by three other first-timers, one of whom cried through most of the class, and another who looked like she was about to. It reminded me of how far even she's come: refusing to go into the water at all last year, and then not knowing enough to put her feet down this year. Her general water literacy is much, much better now.

In playtime at the end, the girl in front of Katrina finally stopped wailing, poor thing. Katrina never cried, that's not her style -- stubbornly refusing to do something is more like her.

But Katrina proudly and happily announced that she put her face in the water today -- major progress for her!

It reminded me of the time that Julian was in a class with a first-timer who cried the whole time, occupying much of the teacher's attention. That was my one experience with momma-bearing, since I was already annoyed at how little the teacher pushed him and I knew he could do a lot more. But then to be in a class with a brand-new beginner who cried was too much. I complained, and he got changed to a different class and progressed as well as this school would allow. (I still think they could easily teach more at every level.)

Meantime, I was all set for a nice swim this morning, only to be foiled by a swim meet at the pool. Rats. After getting my heart, mind and body set on swimming, nothing feels right afterward. I consoled myself with a workout at the Y, but it just wasn't the same. How dare hundreds of people enjoy a fun healthy active morning holding a swim meet at my expense! But, seeing two of my children really enjoy the water and learn a little this afternoon almost made up for it.


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Louise said...

Oh, gosh, please don't apologize for writing about any topic! This blog is for you to chronicle your life, and not for my entertainment.

The fact that I actually do find it entertaining is great, but not really the point :-)

Having these basic swimming skills early in life is so important. And this was a fun post to read, especially with the photos of Julian's big thrilled smile. Makes me wish I could be there and tell him "Good job!"

Katrina is really making progress in the water, too. I wouldn't understand that progress if I hadn't read about her struggles before. Similarly, yesterday's story of Gabriel putting Katrina to bed was super sweet, knowing he can be intractable at times.