Wednesday, July 14, 2010

7/14/2010 Backyard bike ride

One thing I'd always wanted in our backyard was a perimeter path, for kids to ride tricycles around. That idea long predated any children big enough to ride a tricycle, but somehow the yard never got the path, then the yard ceased being a yard, and then the kids outgrew tricycles.

But now, thanks to our new landscaping, there is for the first time such a perimeter path, and it turns out it's not too late to be enjoyed. Katrina calls it a "racetrack" and has a great time pedaling around, attracting her brothers' attention -- and bikes -- too.

It helps to have a brother to help you get unstuck.

It doesn't help to have a brother rear-end you, as Julian did later.

We may have rushed things, we may have ended up with a patio that's smack-dab in the sun and shaded lawn, we may have paid too much and had too much hassle -- but I'm still glad we got the landscaping done and that finally -- finally -- my earliest vision for how the yard should be used has come to be.

Katrina's getting good at pedaling now too! Any chance she and her resist-all attitude would dare attempt to lose the training wheels? Julian was her age when he learned!


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