Sunday, October 24, 2010

10/24/2010 Halloween Party

Today the 2006 Las Madres group held a Halloween party, with food, games and friends. My friends, anyway -- poor Katrina hasn't had much park time with this group, a real shame. I really like this group of Moms, and I hardly get any time to see them now.

Katrina was very excited to put her costume on again.

At the party, she sat and ate some lunch, mostly to get desserts. Then she sat and decorated a paper bag for a while, until it was time for games. This was a twist on trick-or-treating: at each station, instead of just grabbing a goody, you play a simple game first, then grab a goody. This was really nicely done, with cute manageable games and the stations manned by nice Dads.

She was resistant about the whole idea at first, as the kids lined up to play. "I don't WANNA do this, Mommy!"

But she warmed up fast at the first station, she really liked this Dad and played the game happily.

And moved on to the other game stations happily too.

Katrina was grumpy today from having been at sleepover last night, and was ready to leave the party before I was, but given that it was a cloudy rainy day I was OK with that. It was so nice to dip my toe back into my old life. I was more encouraged about it than depressed about the complete lack of balance in my -- and everyone else's thanks to me -- life. There must be a way.


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