Monday, October 25, 2010

10/25/2010 School Photos

School photos are all in!

I don't know how this has happened, but I'm building up something of a portfolio now. I have these studio shots for all of them now, dating back to pre-pre-K. They're never my favorite shots, but they are a nice way to track their growth, since they're always taken at the same time of year and are a clear headshot. (Gabriel looks funny though, he's not quite so chickenlike in real life.)

When the portrait studio at preschool does this, it's a painfully elaborate affair in which they present these enormous blowups in black velvet frames, with all sorts of collage options. I always get the cheapest package, which is just 3.5x5s and wallets.

Speaking of photos, I had to get this one today of Katrina in her new costume dress, a hand-me-down from Cousin Remi. It's almost too small for her unfortunately, but she loves it. Here's she's being a ballerina.

I think she might be better suited to hip-hop though.

Not that I know the first thing about teaching kids to dance, but I made a stab to see if she -- and I -- could do it, borrowing from the few minutes we'd seen of kid classes last weekend. To my amazement, Katrina was cooperative, and capable of the few very very minor steps I showed her. I think it's time for dance classes! And she might inspire me to rejoin that world I so love too!


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MamaB said...

Katrina's picture is really cute. I hope Dylan's turns out as well.