Thursday, October 28, 2010

10/28/2010 Tooth Fairy

Drat, didn't get a photo -- Julian lost his first tooth today!! He was at lunch; I guess he went to the principal's office where they had a little plastic box marked "tooth treasure" or something. He's very close to losing the second bottom one too, and the teeth growing in behind have been visible for a few days.

Once again, the evening was spent chatting and exchanging stories and laughing with my wonderful in-laws. Laura joined me for the tooth fairy excursion, which thanks to the little green Tooth Treasure box was pretty easy. Julian once asked me point-blank, very sincerely, "Mom, are you the tooth fairy?" I managed to avoid giving him a direct answer, but truth is, I don't want to give up being the tooth fairy yet. I like it, and it's a pretty easy thing to do right (and I've still messed it up by forgetting Gabriel's past 2 teeth).

I'm taking tomorrow off work, because after all it's a REALLY big day -- all 3 kids have Halloween events at school. Having a wonderful aunt and uncle to share it with makes it all that much better!


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