Tuesday, November 02, 2010

11/2/2010 The tower

Lately when Katrina gets home, she makes a beeline for the "music room" (which has become something of a de facto playroom) and plays with Legos. We have the kiddie Duplo legos, but she also plays with her brothers' "big kid" Legos.

Today she was very very proud of this tower she made. "Look Mommy! It's almost as tall as me!!"

Later she was building ships and making Star Wars blaster sounds. Much more boy-like playing than girl-like, though she did make a "good ship" and a "bad ship." I like the balance of functional and imaginative play! She does her share of tea parties with her My Little Pony playhouse (a birthday present), but there's no question she likes building things. I'm sure she gets that from me :).

(Let's keep it happy and just not talk about her brothers today.)


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