Thursday, November 04, 2010

11/4/2010 Mouth mess

Oh my poor Julian. He was born with the most beautiful mouth, and look what the ravages of age have done to him.

He has a baby tooth that's ready but just won't let go, two permanent teeth growing in overlapped, a horrible canker sore, chapped lips and bad breath.

That canker sore has really been a problem for him the past 2 days. It's in a bad spot, rubbed against for all eating and talking. It's festering and swollen, and it really hurts him.

Today I sent him to school with an over-the-counter canker sore tube, so that he could numb the painful wound just well enough to eat his lunch. But, it turns out, no medicines at school without prior approval. It came back in a plastic bag with his name on it, and his lunch uneaten (rare for him). That explains the bad breath. He told me that I had to send an email to the principal about the canker sore medicine. CDC is even worse: no outside medicines at all.

I've lost count of how many canker sores Julian has had. They started when he was 4, and he's gotten them regularly ever since. Gabriel has never had one. Then again, Gabriel always has a bad plaque problem when they go to the dentist, but Julian's teeth are much cleaner (and it's not because of better tooth-brushing technique). Amazing how different body chemistry manifests itself in the mouth.

I do feel bad for my little boy. At least kids heal quickly! And with a smile and a giggle.


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