Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/19/2010 Snow stuff shopping

Rainy stormy weekend!

Usually rain here means snow in the mountains, so I've been extra-motivated to get the kids' snow stuff together. This includes a list of what everyone needs, what each individual is missing, and a brief description of what they have if they do.

I took the boys shopping yesterday, first to Any Mountain, then to Pottery Barn Kids -- just sneaking some new very-overdue storage. At Any Mountain, we found a few things, such as bibs on sale for both boys, but jackets were impossible. Boy boys fall into a size never-never land: too big for toddler stuff, but too small to find much in the Boys' section.

Mostly, all 3 were absorbed in setting up the train around the Christmas tree this weekend. They spent hours playing with it, after Gabriel set it up. Naturally it's been the source of almost as much conflict as fun.

Today was more snow-stuff shopping. This shouldn't be so hard! I did OK at REI, but still needed things like a base layer for Julian and a less-expensive longer-lasting jacket for Gabriel. (I found one at REI but it's a size 6 and it's OK on him now but probably won't be next year, and for $115, it better make it until next year.) So I took them all to Sports Basement today, where we found most of the essentials.

I also went furniture-shopping this morning -- my, our credit card is taking a beating! It's TIME to make decisions and plan the family room and put real furniture in there. Finally, I drew a line in the sand. It'll take 10-12 weeks for a new couch and chair to arrive.

When I got home, I saw an odd sight: kids playing out front. That doesn't happen often in these suburbs.

I'm still having a hard time imagining how we'd leave for a sledding trip tomorrow -- some things still are missing (nothing essential but it'd be nice to have snow-purpose shirts for the boys and a base layer that fits Julian), and what we have still needs to be all tried on together. It wasn't like this last year because didn't get everyone to try everything on, and was caught by surprise by a lot of things (not to mention a lot of time unpackaging everything and taking tags off). This year, every kid will get their own bag with snow stuff that (mostly) fits, works together, and that they can put on themselves.

I'm amazed how time-consuming this all is! And expensive! I have new appreciation and gratitude for the numerous generous hand-me-downs we've gotten for Katrina. Not only do those save us money, but also save a ton of hassle shopping. (That said, it'd probably be easier to snow-stuff-shop for Katrina. Snow-stuff-shopping is no different than most-everything-else-shopping: 10 times as much stuff available for girls as for boys.

Next week I get to try my hand at full-time Mom again, starting with 8:15am dentist appointments for the boys! Whee!!


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