Wednesday, December 22, 2010

12/22/2010 Back from Sierras!

I won't do a full blog post about our trip now -- I'm TIRED! We were gone less than 32 hours and still it seemed like a major adventure. Much adventure has to do with unexpected logistical issues, and once again, we was dogged by these. But like our first snow trip this year, in the end, the memory of the short fun part far outweighed the irritations.

The highlight was "tubing" -- glorified, purpose-built innertubes, and a bunch of young dudes working for the resort to help sort out who gets the tubes, pushing you to get started, and making sure you stop at the end.

I was really glad for the young-dude support, not just for the tubing, but because it meant the boys could tube completely on their own. Julian especially made lots of friends with them, partly because he tended to get stuck, they'd rescue him and then suggest a tube that slid better. They helped him put his goggles back on, had snowball fights with him, and listened to his exaggerated stories. It occurred to me that these young men are much closer in age to Julian than they are to me -- they're maybe 10 years older than he is, but 30 years younger than I am.

But no one had more fun tubing than Katrina! She shrieked in joy! I thought she'd be terrified, but she was ALL over it. "Mommy Mommy that was SO MUCH FUN!! Let's do it AGAIN!!" I rarely see her as animated and joyous as when she's in snow.

Good outweighed bad, but I won't forget the irritations lest they be repeated -- I've got to run out of bad-logistic-karma soon! More on that later.


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