Monday, December 20, 2010

12/20/2010 Trip planning

I'm off work this week while Dave is working. Next week, switcheroo: I'll work while Dave stays home with the kids. This is "vacation" around here!

Busy day....early dentist appointments for all three, then some time at home without touching ANYTHING because the cleaners were coming. Then to the gym, then lunch, then some errands (with middling success; I had to storm the boys out of REI and stick them on benches outside, mercifully out of sight of each other). When home, we did something very unusual, but it was a rainy day and I was super-tired: watched part of a movie (Princess Bride).

By now I'd decided that we will try to go sledding tomorrow! The boys started making lists of things to pack, which took 10 times longer than actually packing -- I'm only planning one overnight, and our snow stuff is already organized (!yay!) if not entirely complete. Complete enough for a few hours of sledding though.

If we pull it off. Storms are still storming here -- I even heard about the California storms on the BBC World News! But our plan is to leave in the morning. "Plan" is the keyword here -- we'll see!


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