Sunday, January 02, 2011

1/2/2011 The dog days of school

I don't think I've ever been bluer about a back-to-school night than this one. WAAAH!! Does it HAVE to be over?! WAAHHH whiiiiiiinnneee WAAAAHHHH.

We got all the indoor Christmas stuff put away, cleaned up the craft table to prepare for the onslaught of homework, got most laundry done, and -- once again -- ugh! -- lunches made. I HATE doing that! So we're ready, but emotionally I'm so not ready for school to start. The absence of school last week really pointed to what made my holiday season so, so stressful. Letters are coming, something really has to change.

Thanks to a birthday party that the boys were at much of the afternoon, we had a relatively peaceful day. I'd better go bask in that relaxed feeling while it lasts, because at 7am tomorrow, the race begins anew. Happy new year indeed.


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