Saturday, January 01, 2011

1/1/2010 A New Year

Our biggest event of New Year's Eve was finally starting to night-train Katrina. Whoopee!

She took to the idea OK, but the bigger problem was for us remembering what to do. Finally I found some bedpads we'd had for the boys, and we also remembered that we have to wake her up to go.

She did pretty well overall. At 3am she was a little damp, but no more than she is during the day (she has a "leaking" problem). In the morning, same thing, but nothing totally soaked.

Tonight she threw a major tantrum about not having a pull-up, crying that without one, she might wet her underpants. I finally calmed her down by suggesting she go to bed without underpants (just PJs), and promised (falsely) that we'd find a pull-up if her PJs got wet.

She's cooperative about going when we wake her up at least, if we even really wake her up. This was hard with Gabriel, because he wouldn't wake up enough to get himself to go, and would stand in front of the toilet wavering so much he'd almost fall over. At least girls get to sit!

Today I welcomed the new year by welcoming it as late as possible. I slept until 11:30am. Eleven-thirty!!! I LOVED it. Then didn't get out of bed until 12:30, after watching cooking shows with Julian. Then in the afternoon, I took a nap. This is just what I need to detox from being completely exhausted all the time. Last week, without the kids in school, I actually got to work even earlier -- around 7:30 -- but I paid dearly for it by being wasted all day long.

One goal I have with this long weekend is to get our winter stuff straightened out once and for all -- fill in all the missing gaps! It's amazing just how much stuff is needed, how difficult it is to find in one place, and how difficult it is to find at all. We're already past peak season for buying winter gear, and a lot of stores and online catalogs are out of certain sizes. I must remember to do this shopping in August next year if need be.

In fact, if anyone needs any swimwear, I'd better get on it now!

One more day of blissful weekend/holiday/vacation...then the grind starts again for real.


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